Short Stories

‘Naked – the story of an artists’ model in Old Shanghai – was published by Eunoia Review in April 2017.

‘The Pearl From her Mouth’ – a woman in 1970s Oxford looks back on her secret role in the looting of the Eastern Qing tombs in 1928. Published by Alluvium (the journal of Literary Shanghai) in April 2017.

‘Claire’ – a love story set in the expatriate medical communities of Republican-era Shanghai and Canton, ‘Claire’ was published in Issue 4 of Asia-based literary journal Junoesq in May 2015. This story was re-printed in Epigram Books’ Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume Three in October 2017.

‘Editor in Brief’ featured in HAL’s first anthology, Party Like it’s 1984 (2010). It is the story of a young British man, Tom Winston, who sets up an expat magazine called ‘News/Speak’, only to have it taken over by his colleagues. The story can be downloaded as a PDF here: Editor in Brief

‘The Den’ was published in HAL’s second anthology, Middle Kingdom Underground (2011), and can be downloaded below. It is set in 1890s Shanghai, and is the story of a British woman, Eleanor, who becomes addicted to opium.

Full-length Fiction


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